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30 years of being a highly successful leader in business in only one book

Learn 5 of 101 Leadership Skills Now

Your High-Performance Leadership Trainer & CEO Mentor who confronts you with the naked truth
The Transcendent Business Leadership Trainer / CEO Mentor / Author & Speaker / Body-Mind Energy Expert
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30 years of being a highly successful leader in business in only one book

Learn 5 of 101 Leadership Skills Now

Hi, I am Robert.

Your High-Performance Leadership Trainer & CEO Mentor

Many People who are brilliant leaders or have potential for great business success hold back or compromise.

This is in spite of great education and vast personal development trainings such as NLP, mindset and business coaching.


Your Authority and Influence can diminish slowly over time – because of life cycles and personal or business crisis. Such is life. It happens to our business and to ourselves on a deeply personal level.

My personal obstacles became my doorway to my greatest destiny

I had a mentor who understood that some lifelong issues will hit a crisis point. This requires a deeper understanding of truth and life struggles above and beyond personal development or coaching techniques. Is this You?

This is what I do best. Future freedom is yours for the taking.

“The New Opportunity” is to be mentored to transcend your present circumstances. 

Robert will mentor you through your greatest resistance and character flaws and literally clean up  your body-mind, body-heart, body-energy and body-soul in order for you to land on your feet in freedom and truth.

“You do not want to change one thing but instead everything. Your greatest obstacle then becomes the way forward.”

More about Robert

30 years in business

Climbed Corporate America

Trained 25.000+ entrepreneurs

What I do is not training a new skill to change only one thing; it is about changing everything

How Robert Kirby changed our life…

Robert helped me transform my career and life. I took the bold step to ask my boss why I wasn’t getting the promotion I felt I deserved. I was shocked to hear that ‘I piss people off and don’t realize it. I was inflexible. I started to work with Robert Kirby and soon obtained the promotion I wanted. I have since been head-hunted, worked in senior management and highly stressful project management roles. My influence and leadership skills are now superb.

Adrian WilksConsultant Oil and Gas Industry

When I met Robert, I was looking for a business coach. I had started a Technology Consultancy business 2 years earlier. I had 3 staff and I had just enough work coming in but it was extraordinarily stressful. I didn’t feel that I could rely on all of the staff. I had at the time, and trying to generate business meant I had to hit the streets. What were they not doing when I was out? Since I started working with Robert, my life has dramatically improved in every single aspect. Business, family, relationships, financial, self, community. I can honestly say there isn’t any of these areas in my life I would give less than 8/10. If I didn’t find Robert, I may not even have a business today. Not to mention my business profit has grown by x4. And that is just the beginning.

Marcus DervinWebvine

I was not believing in myself, but I pushed myself into it. It was amazing - it was so transformative. I was able to let go of crap from the past step into my power. I went further into my blocks which made me stuck in my life. Robert is able to get to the core of these issues. Now I have a very successful Business as a Kinesiologist holding my own Retreats - I believe Robert was the core of that. I always returned to his work and use it for my own business. Don't hold back, it will change everything, your business, relationship, your life.
He is the man.

Andrea O`SheaKinesiologist

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Let’s get your journey started to see if what I do is the great solution you are looking for simply because life is too short.


People successfully transcendent
their lives and business


People successfully transcendent
their lives and business

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