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My mission is to generate worldwide opportunities for leaders and business owners to transcendent their past by claiming future freedom and doing what they do best every day of their life.

Who is Robert Kirby

His fiery approach is very modern and switched on because he wants you to claim your greatness in life to both run a highly successful business or team of super performers and simultaneously change the world we live in. He has accomplished this as a corporate leader, business owner, author, speaker and expert in character analysis.

This is necessary because you must free yourself and open up because you are connected to the entire world and everyone in it. All of us leaders together can and will change the world with our mutual intention for truth to prevail. That’s the kind of transparent authority the world needs now more than ever. When we influence everyone we meet and work with from integrity the whole world can feel you. You touch their soul and this will never stop. It becomes your expanded destiny.

When this web of awareness hits a tipping point your low tolerance for mediocrity in leadership and mistreatment of anyone in the workplace or anywhere for that matter shift consciousness worldwide.

Robert Kirby follows his all-consuming 30 year life mission to mentor and train thousands of leaders and business owners worldwide to transcend their old patterns

Robert will mentor you into your greatest resistance and character flaws and literally clear it up throughout your body-mind, body-heart, body-energy and body-soul in order for you to land on your feet in freedom and truth. You do not want to change one thing but instead everything. Your greatest obstacle then becomes the way forward.

Robert Kirby has trained with and been mentored by many masters. He has successfully integrated and synthesised many modalities into his work.

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Mentor & Life Changer

Leadership Trainer

Body-Mind Energy Expert

The difference between good and excellent is immeasurable


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What they say about Robert

William 0:57

“It is an experience from within”

Mark Oldfield 1:18

“You come to a place where you think that you really don`t like this walls. Robert guides you through a process to actually become the person who you want to be”

Andrea O`Shea 3:09

“Robert helped me get to the core of my issues to step into my Power.”

New Book

Cutting the Crap

It is time to throw outdated methods off the window & establish a cutting edge over the competition.

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Not only a book…

I am so incredibly excited about this book. Robert is a master of human dynamics and at helping people to breakthrough to be their best selves. This book is the cumulation and distillation of Roberts 30+ years of experience working with leaders. I use it as a reference and curriculum: working with the reflection on each of the 101 skills and applying the practical tips. It’s a brilliant “true north” that inspired my incredible business and leadership success.

Chloe DervinOwner WebVine

His book is a wealth of wisdom, a synthesis of all his experiences as a leader, healer, therapist, coach and consultant. He offers 101 essential skills in a clear, easy format. Anyone feeling stuck in their business, career, relationships or life purpose will be inspired by any of the 101 skills in this book. The reader can search the index of skills for what he or she needs in the moment. The book doesn’t need to be read in chronological order. Each skill is a gem of wisdom and is sure to inspire the reader to action and onto a better path.
An essential tool for the 21st century leader.

Gerry O’SullivanBest Selling Author Gangsters of Shanghai

Cutting the Crap is the most comprehensive collection of guidance for leadership & success that I have ever held in my hands. You can open it to any page and the words will wake up your determination and ability to overcome whatever obstacle you may be facing...
Not just in business-in life! Thank you Robert Kirby for sharing this wisdom and making it so easy to find what we’re all looking for.

Holly RileyBest Selling Author of Allowing

Robert learned from incredible leaders and mentors

Dr. Valorie Hunt

UCLA scientist on human energy fields

Roger Callahan

Psychologist – originator of EFT / Tapping

Dr. John Pierrakos

Master & Founder Of Core Energetics

Dale Carnegie

Public Speaking

De Angelis

American relationship consultant & TV personality

Mike Allgeier

Mentor Corporate America

My Mentor Dr. John Pierrakos once said: Robert, You are the Trainer of Trainers

The Story

Chapter 1

Leadership Was My Destiny


My university guidance counselor told me “I was not cut out to coordinate the activities of others”. If I listened to that dumb ass I would still be a worker bee.
I was 21 when I applied for my first job and met Arthur Cummings at Perkin Elmer Corporation. He hired me because he believed in me and his extraordinary support inspired me through years of personal development including Dale Carnegie Public Speaking.

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It synergistically transformed me from a self- conscious insecure boy into a confident young man with both the empowerment to lead others and the confidence to get the job done. Being coachable is the key. Then you have permission to take charge. That is specifically why I kept getting promotions. It was the beginning of a highly successful career in corporate America while I was still in my twenties.

“If you want to live your destiny you’ve got to find a great mentor, work your butt off, ruffle a few feathers, piss people off, doing what you do better than anyone else. Be grateful for your extraordinary talent. Miracles go only to those who believe.”

Chapter 2

Fast Rising Leader

California – The Golden State

My corporate ascent continued in California. Hughes Aircraft Company provided the opportunity to stand taller. My next mentor, Mike Allgeier, took me to a whole new level. I saw him as the best leader in the company so I asked him to be my mentor and he said “yes”.
I took on even more responsibility and received an outstanding achievement award from the president for leading a very successful negotiation with The Air Force. Amazing, considering I was new to the company.

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Crisis Hits Me Hard

A health crisis of complete exhaustion put the brakes on my relentless expansion. It set me back years with no solution from western medicine. Deep down I knew something had to change – but what . . . .

My Transcendent Journey

Cathy Martino, a renowned Reichein method body worker for celebrities, saved my life. She took me on a journey of opening deeper and deeper layers of my mind, my body, my spirit and my consciousness that created awareness beyond my wildest dreams.
Cathy encouraged me to leave Hughes Aircraft and help people solve their problems at a deep level so they could find their truth as well as break free from their limiting circumstances.

Cathy introduced me to television host Barbara De Angeles, author John Bradshaw, US presidential candidate & author Marianne Williamson and John Pierrakos the legend of  Bioenergetics and Core Energetics. I trained extensively with all four leaders in the field of body-psychotherapy and awakening consciousness.

Beyond Limiting Beliefs

I came to a clear understanding that through masterful guidance and hard work we become masters of our destiny. I realized we do not attract what we want but who we are.
The body holds your innermost secrets because it’s one with your entire mind and your entire history. –
I studied Character Analysis to diagnose this in my clients.

“Do Not describe the world you See. See the World You Describe” Francisco Varela

There is no common view of life or the universe – only yours. Are you willing to cleanse your lens of perception? Wow, my new lens took me everywhere. I was filling workshops in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Reno, Nevada and New York City.
So with great skills, great mentors and teachers, several university degrees, certification as a core energetics therapist and 15 years leadership experience under my belt, I headed off to Australia.

Chapter 3

The World Is My Oyster

Western Australia

So in 1994 my Australian friend Kim White, Olympic Long Distance Runner & Business Coach, introduced me to Conscious Living Expo and Magazine owner Patricia Hamilton from Perth, Western Australia.
The Australians swept me off my feet with their utter bliss and passion for personal development. After 5 years of bi-annual tours and a following of thousands of people in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron Bay and Tasmania, I moved to Perth in 1998.

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With the support of my mentor John Pierrakos, MD, we founded Core Energetics Australia, a 5 year training for therapists and those who want to lead with freedom. I invited the most senior teachers from all over the world. It was the largest school of body psychotherapy in the world and was based in Australia.

Chapter 4

From Here To Eternity


In 2002 I moved my family over to Sydney.
One thing that I launched in Australia, that was very successful were the discussion evenings on Wednesday nights. We frequently had standing room only. A great way to network and meet like- minded people on a path of development. After the coming across the work of Meister Eckhart, Mentor to Carl Jung and Eckhart Tolle, I realized there was something much bigger.

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People successfully transcendent
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People successfully transcendent
their lives and business
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