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To Change or Not to Change - Robert Kirby

What is the point in working on yourself? Time to get real. Most people get off on the hype of temporarily feeling like they can conquer the world and that they will definitely manifest all their dreams then, under stress or exhaustion or disappointment or crisis always fall back to their status quo. To their old way of being that has been programmed since childhood. Is this you? Actually it goes back for centuries.

Come on you know what I mean. That old familiar feeling that says  “this is the way it will always be.” Yes, you deserve to change and establish your own authority in this life. 

Yes, your message could be so relatable that others knock you over to be your client or work on your team. You deserve the visibility to influence the right people and make a difference in the world. But it is not so easy. Reality sinks in and you compromise your dream and go back to your comfort zone.

MOST PEOPLE SAY THEY WANT CHANGE BUT REALLY DO NOT. The truth is that life changes no matter what we do. So why do we resist change so much? The resistance is worse than the transcending journey of life. 

Why is organic authentic change worse than death?

Our body is the laboratory of life and holds onto the past for dear life. Why? Because the body is your unconscious mind. This has been proven in Neuroscience.

By the time we are 7 years old we are so impacted by family dynamics that we put up armor to protect ourselves. So our neuropeptides connect our emotions within the cells, the neurotransmitters send chemical messages throughout our body and the neuroplasticity of the brain enables us to recover from injury or wounding. This is who your body thinks you are. Get it? It is ancient history now.

What do they all have in common? In a sense, they want to keep us safe. They hold us in the past because the old version of ourselves was based on survival and not great success or life fulfillment. Wow! How crazy can we get? Modern-day success in 2020 means exploring the unknown and dealing with fear and loss and emotional discomfort.  

Did you get that? The programming of our DNA for thousands of years is to survive the environmental influences and remain safe throughout life despite of all the challenges from the elements, wild animals, violent predators and tribal warfare. 

So then – do you still want to change? If no, it’s okay. Then find a stable job and stay safe and expenses down and stress low. If you live in a first-world country and have the privileges of job security with an 8 am-5 pm job then you are lucky and you deserve this simply because you are alive and filled with goodness.

If you still want to change deeply, organically and permanently from the inside out then it must include your body-mind, spirit, heart and soul. So then my friend you have come to the right place. Read on.

How I mentor CEOs and entrepreneurs

All the brilliant billionaires and legendary business experts say “tremendous focused consistent action creates great success.” 

Why then do so many brilliant educated people procrastinate or sabotage their business opportunities? Here is where I come in. This is the real purpose of a business coach for high level people:

  1. A trusted confident  – Great leaders need help too. I provide support, trust, and guide breakthrough after breakthrough to their authentic self.  Empowerment is the stage 1 of the journey which is a great foundation for huge expansion.
  2. Evolving Process  – All great performers and leaders must focus on the process and not force the outcome. Process is about continuous improvement for the leader, team and entire operation. Stage 2 is called Freedom. I guide them towards breaking free of the past failures and all negativity and self-judgements too. Their freedom provides focus, presence and consistent action.
  3. Clear Vision –  Yes great visions need constant clarification as the business model emerges. Exploring the unknown is exciting but generates obstacles that require inversion of the downside and observation of possible work- around plans and back-up plans for ultimate business success. This process is stage 3 which requires my guidance into Self-knowledge. All the answers to our problems are usually already within the business but just need professional gardening and nurturing.
  4. Performance Solutions – are a constant ongoing massive responsibility for high level leaders. Why? There will always be internal and external obstacles and unplanned challenges. When you fully empower a leader they must never avoid any critical conversations or decisions that affect performance and outflowing of the organization’s best delivery of service. This is stage 4 which is known as momentum. This is the reward for those great leaders and coaches who guide teams to the moon and back. 

These 4 stages are known as Future Freedom and are an incredible catalyst for deep and lasting positive change. Would you like to learn more about how to get started? 

Science and Biological Components to Change

Stage 1  Body-Mind processes reduce body armor and organically shifts your belief and reality.

“Your body is your unconscious mind.” Candice Pert Neuroscientist

Stage 2  Body-Heart processing changes and connects your feelings which includes your emotional energy. The alternative to become a zombie and start your own movie channel.

“Honor Your heart and intuition and the rest will follow.” Steve Jobs

Stage 3  Body-Soul  Soulful Intuition has traditionally been associated with fiery people and cultures who move their body and flow with connection and inner most truth. Living from this place removes all judgements about your extraordinary potential.

Stage 4  Body-Energy  You are an energy being with great force and impact. To get out of the way of this force is a gift to you and the entire universe.  

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency.”  Nicola Tesla

 It’s now time for us to meet. What do you think? Let’s have a chat about your greatness. My email is robert@robertkirby.com or get on a free 20 min Call with me https://go.oncehub.com/RobertKirby

Or message me on Facebook or linked-in. 

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